An Open Letter to @McCainBlogette and her Gay Friends.

Meghan McCain likes teh gayz.  Who doesn’t?  After all – they have the best music, the best parties, the best style and they are fun as hell.  This is why Madonna has been biting their style since… well, forever.

But Meghan McCain is also a conservative because… honestly, I don’t know why.  Probably her father… I don’t care.  I always liked the idea of conservatives who aren’t fighting for an Evangelical Christian Sharia.

So when Meghan McCain, friend of teh gayz, took to twitter to tell us all how she was for Romney/Ryan and if we didn’t get it we were closed minded… well, that’s a little disappointing.

Because Romney/Ryan is a very anti-gay, pro-h8 ticket.  And you can’t be for the Gayz and for Romney/Ryan.

They are incompatible.

I used to be a conservative comedian.  I stopped.  Why? I got tired of talking points getting in the way of my actual friendships.  It got difficult to look at single mothers, gay friends, people who were barely scraping by and toe a party line I knew was damaging them.

So I made a decision that it was more important to be a friend to people I actually knew, than pretend to be something I wasn’t, for people I didn’t know.  

This is my general theory regarding racism, in general.  And homophobia, in general.  And people who aren’t getting by, in general.  If more people knew people of diversity, or were friends with people outside their own tax bracket… there’d be a lot more compassion out there. 

Successful or struggling, people with problems are people with problems.  Scrape away the labels – get down to people just being people – and suddenly, I believe, rhetoric dies.

Flash forward to today, where Meghan McCain wants to be friends with gays, but will still vote for someone who doesn’t see them as equal.  Who finds them to be abhorrent.  Who would marginalize them at every turn.

I could not walk up to a single gay friend of mine and say “So, I like you, but I’m voting for someone who sees you as inhuman.”  And I certainly wouldn’t have the gall to continue that sentence with “Anyway, when’s the next party?”

You hate or you don’t.  You support or you don’t.  And that works both ways.  If Meghan McCain had said “I’m voting Romney/Ryan, sorry gay friends, we’re probably done” I would have been disappointed, but I would have respected that more. 

By degrees, and with only a modicum less scorn, but still.

However now: Being gay and pretending Meghan McCain is your friend is now officially like being Jewish and palling around with a holocaust denier.

So, to my gay friends, I say… it’s time to say a sad goodbye to Meghan McCain.  She used you to seem young, hip and current and tossed you away when the hard choice arrived.

She flirted with you in college, but she’s all grown up now, and is putting you in the goodwill bin with her varsity jacket and her .edu address.

She is actively supporting someone who is actively working to crush you.

She is no longer your friend.

Be stronger than her, unless she has the strength to change her mind.



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