Score One for the Good Guys (and Gals!)


I went to bed crestfallen - that even though the filibuster stood (or should have stood), that despite the best efforts of one woman and then the people who supported her…

…a bunch of small-hearted, small-minded people hell-bent on subverting Democracy cheated to win.

I woke up in the middle of the night to learn, maybe things weren’t as bad as I thought.

Yes, Rick Perry will try this again.  He’s empty and petty and doesn’t care about what people want.

Yes, the Texas #WarOnWomen will continue.  Just as it is in every state where the GOP has a strangle-hold.

But this is all about running out the clock.  Not just on a filibuster, but on a group of insane right-wing lunatics waging a fundamentalist christian sharia, trying to kill as many steps forward as possible before they are kicked out of office by an angry public.

Abortion.  Social Security.  Medicare.  Voting Rights.  Food Stamps.  Worker’s rights.  Unions.

They know their time is limited, and that a broken House and Senate can’t fix the damage they do.

So they’re trying to set the clock back before they are set out to pasture.  And they don’t like losing publicly, because it makes the public aware of just how horrible their agenda is.

That’s the win yesterday in Texas.  That’s what Wendy Davis and that screaming public made happen:  Not only did they stall a terrible thing from happening, they made people aware of exactly what is going on and the levels the GOP will stoop to make it happen.

Not just in Texas, but nationally.

Score one for the good guys and, most importantly, for the good gals.  

Time to keep up the fight.

                                                        - Steve Marmel



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