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Nancy Grace Is A Monster

Appreciated, appareciated, appreciated.

It took Whitney Houston to expose what a monster Nancy Grace is?


There are a lot of things I jokingly profess rage toward.  Oprah.  Jersey Mike’s.  And there are things I get furious about where there aren’t many jokes, like Rick Santorum’s stance on… I guess everything.

But I despise Nancy Grace.  On a cellular level. 

She is a monster.

Wherever there is death that can be exploited, she’s there.  Where tears fall over something horrible, she’s filling her sippy cup for future use.

She is a vulture, kept warm by a coat of other people’s suffering.

It’s not that the stories she “covers” aren’t tragic and don’t have merit – it’s that she sits there behind her desk, pretending to care, throwing out whatever red meat she can throw out to whatever horror groupie watches her show.  It’s death-porn.  It’s “Saw.”

 The ambulance chaser has become the hearse chaser.

 It’s the same reason the West Memphis 3 were in jail for seventeen years for a crime they didn’t commit – When something horrible happens, there has to be justice, even if it was flawed and wrong. 

 And when you want flawed, wrong justice, look no further than Nancy:

Yeah.  Enjoy the last ten seconds where she’s asking “Who Pushed Whitney Under the Water.”

I chalked it up to Nancy Grace picking at a corpse one more time to sustain herself, and figured it would go unnoticed.  It did not.   I wish I could embed this, but click on it for the video.

This may be my favorite video of all time.   Sorry, Keyboard Cat. 

Watch her face, and the abject hatred she has of being challenged.  Watch her change tactics several times over the course of the interview – the denial, then attack (“Ivory Tower?”) and eventually saying “I’m glad you brought that up!” 

No you’re not.  Pause, seeth, put the pen against chin and make that face all you want… you were WRONG.  Even if Whitney Houston was pushed – and I’d consider making Mitt Romney’s bet that she wasn’t – you were WRONG to speculate that she was without any information.

Of course, tomorrow, the next day, whatever, she’ll be back trying to crack the case because she “loved” Whitney. 

But don’t believe it.  Not for a second.

Nancy Grace doesn’t love anybody except Nancy Grace.

Perhaps she should change her name to “Graceless.”