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Dear Michelle Obama. Sorry about Rush.

Rush Limbaugh Michelle Obama

So, the other day, Rush Limbaugh accused you of “Uppity-ism,” which is a mealy mouthed way to call you - well - uppity.  By putting the “ism” there, it’s an attempt to say he was simply talking about a societal trend, rather than simply calling you a name.

But, honestly, we both know what’s going on here.

Now me?  I’m Jewish.  So, that makes me a minority on paper, but with blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin, I’ll never be called hurtful words based on what you see.  I would have to be stupid enough to stand up in front of the wrong crowd and go “Where my Jews at?!?” to even possibly get a reaction.

And yet, here’s this - just to be kind let’s call him a person - targeting you with an obsolete word, simply because you had the gall to think you should be allowed to attend any event that any other first lady would attend. 

Regardless, on behalf of everybody that’s ever used the peach crayon to color in the drawing of themselves and isn’t living in the 1800s, I just want to say… sorry.

Rush doesn’t speak for us.

Rush probably doesn’t speak for Nascar fans.

You are welcome anywhere.  You are the first lady of the United States.  Whether it’s a Nascar rally or an #OWS rally, you should be able to walk in, be welcomed, and move on.

So, I’m sorry a guy that likes his hate deep fried at Applebees and doesn’t like your attempts to make American children less round and more healthy decided to take an unfair dig at you using a term that even the worst of the Tea Party knows better than to say out loud.  

And I applaud you being better than that, and better than him.

So just in case you see me across the street, and see the crayon of my skin, I just want to remind you… We’re not all turds.

Some of us are very proud of you for your politics, your poise, and your grace under pressure.

All the best…

   - Steve